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Ana Cuffia

The Cuffia Group | Compass


908 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Experienced, service-oriented, and family-focused, Ana Cuffia wants all her clients to feel the peace of mind and confidence that come with knowledgeable and thorough representation. Ana has been a realtor since 1997 and a broker since 2007, and has degrees in economics and finance. She is deeply gratified by the process of helping families and individuals find their dream homes, and investors realize their goals. Relationships are of central importance to Ana, who works hard to approach each day with humility and gratitude. She is driven to do her best on behalf of buyers and sellers in a business that she loves and excels at.

Ana finds South Florida to be a very special place, where people from around the world gather to enjoy incredible weather and natural resources, along with diversity, culture, and cuisine to rival any metropolitan area. As key member of the Cuffia Group, Ana is a proud representative of Compass, appreciating the company’s fresh look on the real estate industry.

Family is Ana’s backbone, and she has a strong interest in food and cooking, taking pleasure in trying new recipes at home or exploring the latest in local restaurants. Ana also loves travel, with a long list of places to visit, while always appreciating a return home to Fort Lauderdale.